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October 2, 2023Trimmer Buying Guide

Take a minute and search for hair trimmers for men on Amazon, Walmart, or any other online shopping platform. You will see all sorts of results, with trimmers starting at a measly USD 15 and going all the way up to USD 500 – if not more. With so many options, it is easy to buy the wrong trimmer for men. You might end up with a trimmer that does not meet your requirements. Or one with accessories that do you no good. So consider the factors listed in this trimmer buying guide before you finalize a trimmer for men’s haircuts, a trimmer for men’s privates, or any other variant. 

Wired v/s Cordless

Wired hair trimmers for men are cheaper than cordless alternatives. However, if you do not want to rely on power outlets every time you need to trim or shave, then cordless hair trimmers are your best bet. Keep in mind that cordless trimmers come with the hassle of charging every now and then or even replacing the battery in some cases.

Frame and Grip

Hair clippers for men come in different frame materials. Steel-bodied hair trimmers are recommended. And it does not end here. A good men’s hair trimmer consists of a solid rubber grip for you to clutch on. Stay away from a timmer without a hand grip. Rubber grips should serve you well.

Cutting Length

Cutting length determines the precision provided by the hair trimmer. Some of you might know this parameter as the “setting” on a hair trimmer. Cutting lengths generally progress in increments of a few millimeters. Hair trimmers for men can have as many as 40 cutting lengths on them – usually controlled by a knob.

Guide Combs – Did you know about this Term before reading our Trimmer Buying Guide?

Every hair trimmer is accompanied by one or more guide combs or clipper guards. These look like mini combs that are attached at the end of the hair trimmer. So why do hair clippers for men have guide combs? These comb-like attachments help you decide the length of hair to be trimmed or cut. Without guide combs, it is challenging to achieve hairstyles like a buzz cut, gradual fade, etc. Clipper guards vary in length; these are usually numbered and each number corresponds to the length of hair that can be cut with them.

Usage – Leverage this Hair Trimmer Buying Guide if you get confused by Trimmer Variants

Beard trimming, hair clipping, and body grooming. Not all men’s hair trimmers are designed to handle these cutting needs. Depending on your requirements, review the hair trimmer’s product description to see if it fulfills what you seek. Moreover, men’s trimmers tend to get pricier with multi-functionality.

Tools and Accessories – Use this Trimmer Buying Guide to Learn about the basic Add-Ons

12-in-1, 8-in-1…men’s hair trimmers that are available online today are packaged with tools and accessories such as ear & nose trimming extensions, styling guides, ear trim guides, multiple types of blades, and whatnot.

Shaving Blade

Shaving blades for hair trimmers are generally made of steel, metal, ceramic, or even carbon. Metal blades tend to get hot over time while ceramic blades have a higher chance of breaking. Go for advanced ceramic blades or carbon blades. Read through the product reviews though. Issues related to blade quality are often highlighted in such reviews. Another important point about these blades is that they might require periodic maintenance using blade oil. If possible, look for self-sharpening blades not needing oil.

Water Resistance

Since most shaving and trimming needs are done in the restroom, it is wise to invest in waterproof hair trimmers for men. That will save you from any unwanted effects of your trimmer falling under a running tap or in the shower.

Battery Life

Applicable to cordless men’s trimmers, ensure the trimmer will last long on a single recharge. Strive for a cordless trimmer that also includes some kind of notification or display mechanism to inform you when the battery’s running low.

Rotary Motor

The strength of a hair trimmer motor – in revolutions per minute – is an often overlooked factor. It is important to note the motor determines how many strokes can be performed in a minute while cutting/trimming hair. The motor is also responsible for the noise a trimmer generates. So while you chase a motor with a high RPM rate, pay attention to any indications of noise levels (in dB) while reviewing the hair trimmer’s description.

Conclusion – You now have all the information needed with our Trimmer Buying Guide!

Hair trimmers for men, if purchased right, can easily last you for 2-3 years. We hope this hair trimmer for men buying guide has equipped you with the information needed to ace your hair trimmer purchase. And don’t forget to check out ShoppingGreedy’s website for more thought-provoking posts on buying electronics and other appliances online.

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