About Us

Online shopping, or Ecommerce, has become second nature to us. Our instinct compels us to first search for the item online before heading off to a brick-and-mortar store! 

But buying from Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, or any other website you can think of is no easy feat. Deals and discounts everywhere, a massive product catalog, genuine and misleading product reviews…ugh! One has to plow through confusion and chaos before checking out from an Ecommerce platform.

Shopping Greedy was conceived by a group of Indian entrepreneurs who wanted to tackle this hassle of buying online. With Shopping Greedy, you get access to resources aimed at making life easy for those who love to snap up products over the web. Our research-based blog posts, listicles, and how-to guides have been designed to help shoppers buy what’s right from online stores & websites.

And it doesn’t end here. The Shopping Greedy team is conducting an extensive study to spotlight other challenges of online purchases. Some thought-provoking observations have come to the fore! Stay tuned for our next revolutionary offering. 

Thank you for visiting Shopping Greedy!

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