Leading Cattle Feed Manufacturers India 2024 | Best 5 Brands Listed – Enhancing Livestock Nutrition

March 5, 2024Cattle Feed Manufacturers India 2024

Cattle rearing is a lucrative occupation as well as a fulfilling one. On top of it, managing cattle comes with several responsibilities. One among them is cattle feed. In order to get the best produce from cattle such as cows, buffaloes, sheep, hens, and fish (to name a few), one needs to invest in top-notch cattle feed. ShoppingGreedy has curated this list of renowned manufacturers of cattle feed. Start reading and stock up on the essentials for your livestock.

Kafila Agro Cattle Feed

As cattle breeders, one cannot compromise with the feed given to animals. After all, your animal’s output is directly influenced by its nutrition. If you are looking for cattle feed that is rich in proteins and essential nutrients such as vitamin A, soluble ash, and phosphate, then check out Dudh Shital and Gopal by Kafila Agro Cattle Feed. Trusted by thousands of breeders across India, the brand epitomizes quality at prices that won’t break the bank. Enhanced performance and convenience are guaranteed with Kafila Agro Cattle Feed!

Website: Kafila Agro Cattle Feed

Product Catalog: Kafila Agro Catalog


Are you searching for silage, mineral mix, or binola khal prepared using high-quality manufacturing processes? MeraPashu360 is an avenue that can address your requirements. Home to multiple products loved by agriculturists all over the country, MeraPashu360 has established itself as a renowned manufacturer of cattle food. What’s more, you can also buy and sell cattle like buffaloes through the MeraPashu360 website. 

Website: MeraPashu360

Kapila Agro

Supported by a massive network of 700+ dealers and distributors, Kapila Agro manufactures the popular range of “Milkomore Pashu Aahar” cattle feed. We recommend checking out Uttam Pallet by Kapila Agro and the entire catalog. Head over to the company’s website and leverage the massive discounts on Kapila Agro’s inventory. Hurry up while stocks last!

Website:  Kapila Agro

Anmol Feeds

Thinking beyond cattle feed? If you rear sinking fish, floating fish, hens, or shrimps, then Nouriture is your destination for animal food. Certified by safety organizations such as GMP and HACCP, Nouriture is a household name for 50,000+ farmers. The poultry products by Nouriture are particularly in demand. 

Website: Anmol Feeds

Tiwana Cattle Feed

Tiwana Oil Mills is a reputed vendor of cattle feed and mustard oil. With three categories to choose from – calf development program, dry & transition solution, and milking animal feed – buyers won’t face a dearth of cattle food options. Spend some time browsing through Tiwana’s website; the brand with 25+ years of expertise in cattle feed will leave you astonished.

Website: Tiwana Cattle Feed


We hope you are well-equipped to make your next purchase of cattle feed. All the vendors listed here are providing limited-time discounts on their inventory. Leverage these offers while they last. Finally, check out the ShoppingGreedy post for upcoming price drops on your favorite products from hundreds of brands all over the world.

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