Gaming Phone Buying Guide 2024 – Best Brands, Accessories, & More

March 15, 2024Gaming Phone

Times have changed and so has the concept of gaming. What started out with simple games like Snake, Bounce, and Space Impact on Nokia and Motorola phones in the early 2000s has now transformed into evergreen titles like PUBG, Need For Speed, FIFA, Call of Duty, DOTA, and countless other gaming franchises on smartphones. This evolution has been made possible by the emergence of superior smartphones that can handle the performance-intensive requirements of modern-day games. The ShoppingGreedy team has curated this post to help you identify (and buy) a gaming phone worth your hard-earned money. The brands to consider, specifications to be mindful of, and gaming accessories to invest in – this comprehensive gaming phone guide will answer your questions about buying the best gaming smartphones in 2024

Gaming Phone Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy a gaming smartphone soon, do not buy one blindly! With so many gaming cell phone options out there, it is easy to go wrong and buy a gaming smartphone that leaves you disappointed. Watch out for these specifications while you evaluate different gaming smartphone choices.

Operating System

The software that enables different applications and programs to run and interact with each other is known as an operating system. The operating system domain comprises Android, iOS, Bada, Tizen, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry OS. There are a few others but with a minuscule market share. We recommend going with iOS or Android.

iOS vs Android: Which Operating System is the Right One for Me?

In terms of customization options and the number of gaming titles, Android trumps iOS. But as far as a seamless mobile gaming experience is considered, iOS is the king. Only Android’s latest operating system offers that kind of fluidity. Given the advancements in these operating systems, any version of iOS or Android system that is not more than a year old at the time you are reading this post can efficiently handle your gaming needs.


A gaming smartphone’s performance boils down to its chipset. The chipset is responsible for handling the phone’s core functioning and basically every other feature you can think of – power management, Bluetooth, communication, etc. We recommend going with Apple’s A15 and above, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and above, or Google Tensor first gen and above.

RAM – Great Gaming Phones come with great Processing Power

All running apps on your phone are stored in a special memory location called the RAM. Given the demands of modern gaming titles, purchase a gaming phone that has at least 6GB RAM. If budget constraints are an issue, 4GB RAM should be decent.


A game can take anywhere from 200 MB to 3 GB of space on your phone – even more maybe. Not to mention other non-gaming apps will also occupy space on your phone. 64 GB of RAM should do fine if your gaming phone supports external storage options like a memory card. If not, then go for 128 GB or 256 GB.


Camera specs do not matter much specifically for gaming. If you adhere to our suggestions for chipset, RAM, and storage, rest assured you are going to end up with an amazing camera in your gaming smartphone.

Display – Large is Good for Gaming Phones

A gaming phone’s display consists of the underlying technology, refresh rate, and screen size. Let us break down each one of them. The underlying technology is responsible for generating light on the screen. For display technology, the safe bet is to go with OLED or AMOLED. The refresh rate is crucial for flawless mobile gaming. It determines the number of times the screen refreshes its image in a second. Higher the refresh rate, the smoother the viewing experience. Seek gaming smartphones with at least 120 Hz refresh rates. The screen size is self-explanatory. It refers to the dimensions of your gaming smartphone’s screen. Aim for a phone that has at least 6 inches of screen size.


A long-lasting battery is imperative to enjoy your cell phone gaming stint to the fullest. Battery capacity is measured in milliamp-hour (mAh). The higher the mAh, the longer your phone will run. We suggest buying a gaming smartphone that has a battery with at least 4700 mAh capacity/

Weight – Who Said a Gaming Phone needs to be Heavy?

A phone in the weight range of 200-240 grams should be ideal. If you can find something lower than 200 grams, then do your due diligence on other specifications of the smartphone.

Smartphone Gaming Accessories

A gaming smartphone is a one-time investment that can take care of your entertainment needs. However, having a top-notch gaming smartphone is not enough; it must be complemented with relevant add-ons. And how do you do that? Through smartphone gaming accessories! Do not think of these add-ons as unnecessary expenses. They are crucial to keeping your device, whether it is a REDMAGIC gaming smartphone or an ASUS ROG phone, in tip-top condition.

Gaming Phone Case

A robust gaming phone case with buttons will save your device from the effects of unexpected falls and mishaps. Top it off with a screen guard for comprehensive protection and safety. Gaming smartphone cases come in all sorts of varieties – design, material, strength, etc. Here are some factors to heed when purchasing a gaming smartphone 2024 case. Whether it is Android phone cases or iPhone phone cases, review these parameters before finalizing your purchase.


Carbon fiber, silicone, synthetic rubber, polyester, and leather are the most widely used materials for smartphone protective cases.


The graphics on a smartphone case fall under a theme. Anime, vehicles, scenery, food, and country flags are some examples of gaming smartphone case themes.

Add-ons and features – Features of the Best Gaming Phone Cases

A plain gaming smartphone case is too mainstream. Go for cases that come with one or more of these features.

  • Keychain: Smartphone cases with a keychain are easy to handle.
  • Kickstand: If you find it difficult to hold your gaming smartphone at all times and want to place it, say, on a table stand, then a kickstand shall do wonders for you.
  • Waterproof: No compromises with this feature. Ensure your smartphone case entails a “waterproof” guarantee.
  • Drop protection: The chances of your gaming smartphone falling from a height cannot be understated. A drop protection guarantee is a savior in such situations.
  • Magnetic suction: Magnet-enabled smartphone cases tightly adhere to your gadget without damaging the electrical setup inside it.
  • Shockproof: Electrical surges or shocks are infamous for wearing down smartphone cases. A shockproof gaming phone case can handle such damages.
  • Anti-fingerprint: Many gaming smartphone cases of today are designed to repel fingerprint marks.

Gaming Phone Controller

Do you want to turn your gaming phone into a full-fledged console? A gaming smartphone controller can enrich your playing experience. Gaming controllers are equipped with buttons, analog triggers, and thumbsticks. These gaming phone controllers plug into your smartphone’s charging port and/or audio jack.

Cell Phone Gaming Finger Sleeves

Picture a situation where you are playing a title such as Call of Duty or PUBG on your gaming smartphone. A game that requires lightning-fast finger movements, precision, and quick response.  

Research and personal experience of gamers have shown the effect of drag lag, a phenomenon where the phone screen (hence, the game) does not register our hands’ actions as quickly as it should. Moreover, mobile gaming can take a toll on your fingers and thumb in the long run. Aching fingertips and reduced sensitivity are some side effects that ensue after owning a gaming smartphone for a long time.

But do not worry. A set of gaming finger sleeves will save you from such troubles. Even eSports participants and professional gamers do not contest without finger sleeves!

Gaming Phone Triggers

If you have ever laid hands on a gaming console controller, you would have fidgeted with trigger-like buttons on the top of the controller. On a Playstation controller, these triggers are generally known as L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons. Rings a bell? If not, a quick Google search will make it clear. Investing in cell phone gaming triggers shall not disappoint you. These gaming smartphone triggers easily clip onto the device and take minimal screen space.

Top Gaming Phone Brands 2024

The ShoppingGreedy team is in awe of these gaming smartphone brands. These companies have amassed a massive following among mobile gamers for their high-performing devices.

ASUS – Crowd Favorite for Gaming Phones

ASUS is a reputed brand when it comes to gaming on laptops and phones. You cannot go wrong with the Asus ROG line of smartphones.


Nubia has taken the cell phone gaming segment by storm in the last few years. Nubia’s Red Magic gaming phones have received immense admiration worldwide.


Apple iPhones need no introduction. Besides robust security, eye-pleasing user interface, strong hardware, and compatibility with the Apple ecosystem of tabs, laptops, earphones, and other devices, Apple iPhones excel at gaming as well.


The Galaxy range of Samsung smartphones is known to provide a superlative gaming experience. The brand has been making significant inroads in terms of gaming capabilities.

Black Shark

The name might be relatively new compared to stalwarts like Samsung, Apple, and ASUS. But it is not inferior in any way.


Google’s Pixel range of smartphones has amassed positive reviews in terms of gaming experience. And with each passing year, Google is only getting better at building gaming phones.


While there is no exclusive product line by the name of OnePlus gaming mobile phones, the brand’s smartphones get the job done for all your gaming needs.


We hope this gaming phone guide of 2024 has eliminated your apprehensions about buying a gaming smartphone. Stay tuned for more interesting reads on cell phone gaming by ShoppingGreedy! 

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