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Mothers hold a special place in every child’s heart. A position that none can replace or surpass. More often than not, we take our mum’s sacrifices and efforts for granted. And most of us are guilty of this. It is normal to feel remorseful while reading this. But you can make things right. This year’s Mother’s Day is your opportunity to shine and shower love on your mom. The ShoppingGreedy team has curated this Mothers Day gift guide to aid you in your quest for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. Read on to find out what will impress your mom.    

Selecting the Right Mothers Day Gift – 6 Factors You Should Always Keep in Mind

Confused about what to buy your mum on Mother’s Day? While there is no “right” or “ideal” gift, the least a child can do is not disappoint their mother with an inappropriate item. Consider these factors before you finalize a gift for your mother.

Likes and Dislikes

Knowing what your mother likes and hates makes the gift selection process easy-peasy. Is she into jewelry? Does she abhor complicated electronic gadgets? Spend some time deliberating on what is it that excites your mom and cheers her up.


Do not cut corners and be a miser! Mother’s Day happens only once every year. But we do understand that budget constraints can be an issue. Purchase according to your capacity and avoid falling into debt. Spend on something your mother can use for a long time and create a memory to cherish forever.

Guarantee and Warranty 

It is recommended to buy a gift that does not go kaput within a week. Consider the guarantee and/or warranty that come with your gift – especially if you are planning to buy electronics such as a smartphone.

Materialistic or Experiential

A gift can be more than a materialistic item. Why not foster an experience that will be etched in your mom’s heart forever? A trip to the spa, dinner at a top-notch restaurant, and a cruise trip are some examples of experiential gifts one could think of.


A gift that leaves your mother gasping for air is not a good idea. It should not be a burden on her. Again, exceptions could be there; kitchen appliance is one such category.

Ease of Use

Almost all mothers have one thing in common; they get frustrated if the gift is too hard to use. Moreover, moms may hesitate to communicate their annoyance or frustration. After all, it is a gift from their child. Let us not give them a reason to feel annoyed! Be mindful of usability while purchasing the gift. 

Mothers Day Gifts for Moms To Be

Do you know someone who is about to be blessed with a child? Make this Mother’s Day special for expecting mothers with the following gift ideas.

Skincare Products

Stretch mark creams, moisturizers, and sunscreens will benefit pregnant mamas tremendously.


Expecting moms need to stay hydrated at all times. An easy-to-wash cup or tumbler, particularly one that keeps the drink warm and cool, is often counted among the best Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant women.

Maternity Wear

Comfort is the need of the hour for future mothers. Nursing dresses, maternity robes, and gowns are a few clothing items that will impress the recipient.

Bracelets and Pendants – Exquisite Mothers Day Gift Choices

You can never go wrong with lightweight jewelry. Pendants and bracelets with designs catered to moms are trending nowadays.

Mothers Day Gifts for Mother-In-Law

Your spouse’s mother deserves the same kind of love and attention you shower on your mom. Here are our two cents on Mother’s Day gift options for your mom-in-law.

Tote Bag

Add a creative touch to your mother-in-law’s shopping trips with a fancy tote bag. A gift like this will win her over for sure! If possible, go for a set comprising at least two different tote bags.

Hoops and Earrings

Your mom-in-law’s joy shall know no bounds when you will hand her a pair of pearl hoops. Accessories like earrings and hoops come in all shapes and sizes. So, take your time and choose something stupendous.

Salon/Spa Gift Voucher

Delight her with an all-expenses-paid trip to her favorite spa or salon. Trust us, you cannot go wrong with this gift!

Scented Candles

Daily chores take a huge toll on one’s mood. Help your mother-in-law rejuvenate with a gift hamper comprising multiple scented candles. These candles also aid with aromatherapy, a procedure that shall alleviate her stress. 

Snuggle Slippers

Make walking a comfortable activity for your mother-in-law with a nice pair of snuggle slippers. Not only do these slippers look good, but they also keep your soles healthy.

Digital Portraits

Digital portraits have recently become a crowd favorite. These are armed with plenty of customization options that your mother-in-law can play around with. 

10 Budget-Friendly Mothers Day Gift 2023

Are you low on the budget this Mother’s Day? It is okay! We have compiled a collection of moderately expensive Mother’s Day gift ideas that will leave your mom smiling from ear to ear.

Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Finding it hard to choose a specific product for your mother? Go for a gift hamper instead. Online shopping websites offer special Mother’s Day gift hampers comprising skincare essentials, hair care products, and delicacies. All of your bases are covered with these Mothers Day gift baskets.

Wireless Earphones

Give your mom the freedom to talk on the phone without the hassles of a wired accessory. Wireless earphones will also allow her to listen to her favorite music from anywhere.


Our mothers fail to use their smartphones to the fullest. Most often, it happens owing to complex features that are far from intuitive. Why not replace such complicated devices with user-friendly smartphones?

Affordable Jewelry – Stunning Embellishments to Consider for Mothers Day Gift

Jewelry items need not be super expensive. Manufacturers are now more understanding of monetary constraints. They offer accessories such as earrings, pendants, rings, and anklets that will not burn a hole in the buyer’s wallet.

Flower Bouquet

Do not settle for a single rose! Custom bouquets are not too expensive. On top of it, an elaborate mix of flowers will impress your mother for sure.

Kitchen Appliances – Revamp Her Kitchen with these Mothers Day Gift Suggestions

Moms make the best of food for us. That also means tirelessly working for hours in the kitchen. Why not gift a microwave, blender, or a multifunctional appliance and reduce your mom’s burden in the kitchen?

Bedsheets, Curtains, and Home Decor Items

Mothers love decorating their homes! Surprise them with cushion covers, fancy bedsheets and pillowcases, and beautiful curtains. Home decor is a massive space and so are the options when it comes to presents.

Photo Frames and Accessories – Mothers Day Gift To Memorialize your Bond

Electronic photo frames that can run slideshows of the best moments with your mom make for an amazing Mother’s Day gift. And there are many other photo-based gifts to consider – photo cakes, t-shirts, and whatnot.


Your mom will love a branded handbag. If you are uncertain about the design and size, gift her two of them!

Cookbooks – Educative Mothers Day Gift

The majority of mothers out there shall not say no to a cookbook. In fact, complement a kitchen appliance gift with a cookbook. From sumptuous full-course meals to desserts, you have plenty of options to choose from while finalizing cookbooks for this year’s Mother’s Day gift.

Best Online Stores for Mothers Day Gift

People prefer purchasing gifts online, rather than from brick-and-mortar stores for variety and the associated discounts. Moreover, the convenience of having them delivered anywhere makes online shopping for Mother’s Day gifts even more lucrative. Here is our list of the top eCommerce websites for unique mom gift ideas.

Mothers Day Gift by Ferns N Petals  

Ferns N Petals has gained immense popularity over the last few years for its product catalog. The online store has hundreds of gifting options for working moms, diva moms, spiritual mothers, and foodie moms, to name a few. Not to mention a bunch of promo codes for savings. 

Mothers Day Gift by Amazon

Amazon needs no introduction. The eCommerce giant has a boatload of Mother’s Day gift ideas on its website, whether it is for your mom, mother-in-law, or a friend who is pregnant. 

Mothers Day Gift by IGP

IGP has tons of gifts for moms, ranging from picture tiles to customized aprons. If you are looking for exquisite gift ideas, IGP has you covered with an astonishing line of personalized Mother’s Day gifts.


This was our take on the best Mother’s Day gifts that will leave any mom beyond impressed. If you found this post helpful, our treasure trove of information on online shopping is bound to leave you awestruck!

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