Looking For Second Hand Laptop Under 5000? Check Laptop Prices Below 5000 From Amazon, Flipkart, OLX, And More

April 22, 2024Best Laptop under 5000

A second hand laptop for under INR 5,000? Unbelievable, isn’t it? We know not everyone can afford to buy the latest laptop that retails for a mind-boggling price. However, there are options for even those with a limited budget. A second-hand laptop is the preferred option for anyone with budget constraints. However, finding a 2nd hand laptop under 5000 INR is an enormous task. The ShoppingGreedy team has come up with this guide for individuals who seek a second hand mini laptop under 5000.

Buying Guide for a Second Hand Laptop under 5000

It is a no-brainer that INR 5,000 is a small amount and finding a laptop with all the latest features in this price range is nearly impossible. If you stumble upon a used laptop under 5000 INR listing, proceed with caution. Such devices might fulfill basic requirements such as creating documents or surfing the internet, but nothing further. Forget any sort of guarantee or warranty. Here are the specifications one can expect from refurbished laptops under 5000.


Consider yourself lucky if you find a laptop with 4 GB of RAM. The average RAM in extremely cheap laptops hovers in the 2 GB range. If the second hand under 5000 rupees comes with more than 4 GB of RAM, there might be a high possibility of it being defective or nearing the end of its useful life.

Battery Life

Laptops under 5k rupees will have sub-par battery life. Expect around 3 hours of operating capacity in the best case. We do not recommend investing in a new battery because you will end up paying a minimum of INR 1500. Rather, plug in the laptop for charging whenever you intend to use it. And do not be surprised if you find a drained battery. It simply implies that the laptop has been utilized to the fullest by the previous owner. So, don’t hold high hopes in terms of battery life from a laptop under 5000 second hand.

Hard Disk

It is difficult to get an SSD in a cheap laptop under 5000 rupees. Generally, a new or laptop refurbished under 5000 comes with 32 GB or 64 GB storage space. 128 GB if you are lucky. This much storage will not do you any good in the long run. Limited storage also tends to lower the operating speed and performance of the laptop.

Graphics Card

Cheap laptops generally come with embedded graphics card provided by Intel or AMD. These de facto graphics cards cannot cope with the performance needed to run the latest games or image editing software. Swapping them for, say, an expensive NVIDIA graphics card is not feasible because other parts of the laptop such as rudimentary RAM and small storage can hamper a high-end graphics card’s potential. 


A low-resolution (1366 x 768 pixels) TN panel is commonly found on new or used laptops retailing for less than INR 5,000. This kind of resolution does not provide high color accuracy and viewing angles. Moreover, the LCD display might wear out soon if the laptop is too old.

Operating System

It would be nearly impossible to find the original version of the latest Windows operating system or macOS on a cheap, refurbished laptop under 5000 INR. Even those with a Linux operating system won’t come with the latest version. Windows XP and Windows Vista are possible operating systems you might find on a laptop costing INR 5,0000 or less. Say no to anyone offering you an upgrade to the latest OS on such a laptop; low specs will hamper the performance of new operating systems.  


Laptops under 5,000 rupees tend to be bulky. They range anywhere from 1.5 kg to 3 kg. Possible exceptions include China-made mini laptops or unknown-brand netbooks that aren’t worth it.

Our recommendation is to stay away from any laptops listed for INR 5,000 or less. These laptops will give you all sorts of issues sooner or later. Do not be shocked if the repair charges quoted exceed what you paid for the laptop. A decent laptop with average performance and okayish features retails for at least INR 15,000. Any laptop available for less than this amount is a money-draining purchase in the long term.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000

Second Hand Laptop Buying Option OnlineOffer DetailsBuying Link
Flipkart5-10% Extra SavingsCheck Now
AmazonUp to 15% DiscountCheck Now
JustdialBest Offline DealsCheck Now
IndiaMARTGet 7% Off on Best LaptopsCheck Now
QuikrTop Deals & Best OptionsCheck Now
OLXStarting at Rs. 3800Check Now

Nowadays, it’s not too difficult to get an excellent laptop online, but you know what’s challenging? Finding a decent used laptop for less than INR 5,000. These days, it’s very popular to use second hand laptops under 5000, and they work well and satisfy all the requirements. However, we only want to let you know that no source can guarantee you a second laptop price under 5000 as you continue reading this post. Do check out these links and if you are lucky, you will find a good deal.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000 Flipkart

On Flipkart, it is impossible to get a laptop under rs 5000. Even if you find an individual or company selling one for under this price, make sure to inspect it in person if possible. These kinds of sellers selling second hand laptop under 5000 Flipkart typically con consumers with their phony bargains.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000 Amazon

If you believe that you might discover a second hand laptop under 5000, then you should tread with caution. Be on the lookout for scam artists and fraudulent deals. Getting your hands on one requires thorough research and inspection.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000 OLX

OLX is well known for facilitating transactions involving used goods. Therefore, the possibility of finding a used laptop on OLX, that too for under INR 5,000, is pretty solid. Set the filter to all locations and you are likely to see at least one or two listings on laptops from Dell, HP, Compaq, and others. Do not pay the amount in advance when shortlisting second hand laptop under 5000 OLX.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000 Quikr

Quikr is yet another marketplace for buying, selling, and renting goods. You may obtain fantastic savings on second-hand laptops in good condition for under INR 5,000. Do comment if you come across a fascinating second hand laptop under 5000 Quikr offer.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000 IndiaMART

IndiaMART is a reliable marketplace and source for purchasing products. Get yourself refurbished laptops under 5,000 INR from a variety of sellers and different brands on IndiaMART. For further information, check out the various options and also make sure to validate the specifications before purchasing. If you cannot examine the product personally, ask for demonstration videos when searching for a second hand laptop under 5000 IndiaMART.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000 Justdial

If you assumed you could get a refurbished second-hand laptop locally through JustDail in this price range, nothing could be further from the truth. Chances are slim of obtaining one via Justdial. If you do come across an offer, assess the product in detail before finalizing a second hand laptop under 5000 deal.

Mini Laptop under 5000

Top 2 Stores for Buying Mini Laptop Under 5000Offer DetailsBuying Link
AmazonFree Delivery + No Cost EMI + Min. 43% OffMust Visit
FlipkartUp to 53% Off + Free DeliveryMust Visit

The demands of individuals have evolved with time. The preferences for laptops have changed along with people’s constantly changing requirements. Nowadays, most people prefer a mini laptop over a standard one. This small, portable laptop comes with a cost. A decent branded mini laptop below 5000 rupees is a tough deal to crack. If you come across an advertisement for a mini laptop costing less than INR 5,000, try out the device in person before finalizing the deal. Always ask for a receipt and detailed inspection. That said, here are the top platforms for buying a mini laptop under 5000.

HP Mini Laptop under 5000 

HP Mini Laptop Buying OptionsOffer DetailsBuying Link
HP Mini Laptop at ZoneofdealsHP Pavillion, Probook, and moreBuy Now
HP Mini Laptop at QuickrRefurbished, Unboxed, Used HP LaptopsBuy Now

In today’s world, everyone wants a lightweight, small, portable laptop they can carry anywhere easily. However, it is difficult to find plenty of choices when it comes to a HP mini laptop under 5000. In any case, if someone sells their used mini laptop in this price range, make sure to inspect everything and be wary of wear & tear. Check out these options.

Lenovo Mini Laptop under 5000

Lenovo Mini Laptop Buying OptionsOffer DetailsBuying Link
Lenovo Mini Laptop at ZoneofdealsGreat choice for studentsBuy Now
Lenovo Mini Laptop at QuickrAvailable for office & other purposeBuy Now

Lenovo laptops are popular for their features, slim screens, and ruggedness. And that is why they are so expensive. So, let’s be clear about the fact that hunting for a Lenovo mini laptop below 5000 INR is futile. If someone is selling their Lenovo mini laptop at a throwaway price, chances are the product has some defects. Don’t lose hope though. Zoneofdeals and Quickr are a couple of websites where you can find a Lenovo mini laptop under 5000 rupees.

Apple Mini Laptop under 5000

Apple Mini Laptop Buying OptionsOffer DetailsBuying Link
Apple Mini Laptop at ZoneofdealsBest Deals AvailableBuy Now
Apple Mini Laptop at QuickrExtra discount up to Rs. 700Buy Now

Apple is a premium electronics brand, with its product range starting at over INR 20,000. Finding a mini laptop at throwaway prices from this brand is like finding a needle in a haystack, even if you are thinking of a second-hand option. But ShoppingGreedy doesn’t believe in disappointing its readers. Check these offers from Zoneofdeals and Quickr for an Apple mini laptop under 5000 rupees in India.

Acer Mini Laptop under 5000

Acer Mini Laptop Buying OptionsOffer DetailsBuying Link
Acer Mini Laptop at ZoneofdealsRs. 500 Extra offBuy Now
Acer Mini Laptop at QuickrUpdated Deals LiveBuy Now

Acer laptops are widely known for being cost-effective and reliable. While it is possible to find reconditioned Acer laptops for a good deal, it is challenging to get an Acer mini laptop price under 5000. Mini laptops are often on the costly side given their features and portability. Look out for deals on Acer second laptop under 5000. You will have to shell out some more cash though. 

Asus Mini Laptop under 5000

Asus Mini Laptop Buying OptionsOffer DetailsBuying Link
Asus Mini Laptop at ZoneofdealsLimited option availableBuy Now
Asus Mini Laptop at QuickrPremium Quality laptopsBuy Now

You may have heard Asus laptops being recommended for gaming and other advanced capabilities. Indeed, Asus makes some of the best gaming laptops on the market, and their mini laptops are also well-known for their performance and advanced features. However, it is difficult to find an Asus mini laptop under 5000 rupees. Review the links mentioned and take a stab at finding an Asus mini laptop. If you are willing to extend your budget a little, be ready for a pleasant surprise. 

Dell Mini Laptop under 5000

Dell Mini Laptop Buying OptionsOffer DetailsBuying Link
Dell Mini Laptop at ZoneofdealsBuy Now
Dell Mini Laptop at QuickrRs. 300 Extra DiscountBuy Now

Refurbished mini laptops from Dell in the price range of INR 5,000 are hard to find. However, if you see a seller offering one under this budget range, examine the specifications of the laptop before deciding on the purchase. Go through the couple of Dell mini laptop under 5000 options presented here.

Samsung Mini Laptop under 5000

Samsung Mini Laptop Buying OptionsOffer DetailsBuying Link
Samsung Mini Laptop at ZoneofdealsOnly few laptops leftBuy Now
Samsung Mini Laptop at QuickrVerify before buyingBuy Now

Samsung is a prominent brand and its laptops are known to be budget-friendly. So, be optimistic about getting a reconditioned Samsung laptop for less than INR 5,000. However, if you find a deal, it will likely be an outdated Samsung model. We would still like you to evaluate this collection of Samsun mini laptop possibilities given above.

iBall Mini Laptop under 5000

Finding a reliable seller who sells an iBall mini laptop under 5000 rupees is difficult. Even though iBall is known for affordable gadgets, a mini laptop from iBall will require you to go beyond the 5000 INR benchmark.  

Hilaptop Mini Laptop under 5000

You may purchase a refurbished mini laptop through Hilaptop for less than INR 5,000. However, before making any purchases through Hilaptop, please review the refund/exchange terms and return services in case of defects. Seek an expert’s advice, if possible, on the listed functionality and condition of the laptop. Spend a few minutes today and who knows, you might end up identifying a Hilatop mini laptop under 5000 that can take care of basic tasks.

Gaming Laptop under 5000

It seems everyone wants to get a gaming laptop. And why not? Besides the functionalities of a high-end business laptop, one also gets to enjoy systems capable of replacing gaming consoles. Due to their sophisticated technology, gaming laptops are typically on the expensive side of the pricing spectrum. As a result, it can be challenging to find a second-hand gaming laptop under 5,000 INR. If you are adamant about gaming without splurging more than INR 5,000, we recommend you look for a used tab or gaming phone instead of a laptop. 

Best Laptop under 5000

Finding a used laptop has become child’s play. E-commerce websites and online marketplaces have made it possible to buy refurbished laptops in a few clicks. However, a laptop under 5k does not give you too many reliable choices. Furthermore, these laptops cannot be regarded as the best in their category. Stay away from “too good to be true” deals on mini laptops under 5000. If you manage to secure a second-hand laptop that runs fine even for just six months, consider yourself fortunate.

Second Hand Laptop under 5000 near Me

It’s not over yet if you haven’t been able to find a second hand laptop below 5000 rupees online. There are plenty of used computer markets in most Indian cities today. These venues are your second-best bet for refurbished laptops within 5000 INR. Refer to this table for prominent offline vendors in cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow.

Second Hand Laptop Under 5000 New Delhi

New DelhiPlace AddressGoogle Map Link
OP Timist ComputerG-5 Ground Floor, 59 Shakuntla Building, Nehru Place, Delhi 110019Check on Map
Delhi Computer ServiceLandmark Country Club, W-8/28, W-8 Ln, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110062Check on Map
Arihant InfotechMetro Pillar Number 59, PLOT NO. 27A, nearNI RMAN VIHAR METRO STATION, New Delhi, Delhi 110092Check on Map
Laptop DuniaCabin No-6, Mini Market, Raja House, 2nd Floor 202-203, Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019Check on Map
laptophubB8 basement, Surya Deep Building, Commercial Complex, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Wazirpur, Delhi, 110052Check on Map

Second Hand Laptop Under 5000 Mumbai

Mumbai Place AddressGoogle Map Link
Spas Computers Pvt LtdHema Industrial Estate, Near, Meghwadi, Police Station, Jogeshwari East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069Check on Map
laptophubSukhia building, S 14/A, 3rd floor Cawasji Patel St, N Sukhia St, Building, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001Check on Map
World ComputerSHOP.no.53a, Gurudwara Building, opp. chitra cenima, Old bdd chawl, dadar e, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014Check on Map
CMetriX SystemsAudumber CHS, A – 1/4, Siddharth Nagar Rd, off Swami Vivekananda Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104Check on Map
LaptopalldealsDlh Swakrut, 1701, near Apna Bazar Road, Sahakar Nagar, Azad Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053Check on Map

Second Hand Laptop Under 5000 Bengaluru

Bengaluru Place AddressGoogle Map Link
lapitop57, 4th Main Rd, Maruthi Extension, Gayatrinagar, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560021Check on Map
Laptops24933, Hermain Complex, 16th Main Rd, near Udupi Garden, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076Check on Map
Whynew2884, 14th Main Rd, E block, 2nd Stage, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010Check on Map
Electronics Bazaar Store#644, 80 Feet Rd, next to Adigas, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034Check on Map
Laptop Store401,1st Floor, Shree Ganesha Complex,Kammanahalli Main Rd, A, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043Check on Map

Second Hand Laptop Under 5000 Lucknow

Lucknow Place AddressGoogle Map Link
Piyush Cd DvdShop No 3, Naza market hazratganj Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001Check on Map
Jaisdon Tech Solution512/669, 1st Ln, near Arya Kanya Chauraha, New Hyderabad, Nishat Ganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226007Check on Map
Meraj Distributorsnear Burlington Chaurha, 106/2, Cantonment Rd, behind Odean Cinema, Nazarbagh, Uttar Pradesh 226001Check on Map
EQ SenseNaza Market, Naza Building, 4 Ground Floor, Lalbagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001Check on Map
Naza market hazratganjFairdeal House, Shop no.3/4, naza market, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001Check on Map

Second Hand Laptop Under 5000 Hyderabad

HyderabadPlace AddressGoogle Map Link
Used laptop computers buyersFirst floor, Elephant House Complex, No. 15, Ameerpet Rd, Punjagutta Officers Colony, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016Check on Map
Yuva ComputersMetro Pillar No.1519, Sai Tower, 204, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500036Check on Map
Viswas ComputerA 55, 2 Nd floor, 201, Ram Chandra Nivas Apartments Near Sr Nagar Metro stop, opp. Hyderabad, Telangana 500038Check on Map
Tr ComputersShop No 13, Annapurna Block,near passport office, Srinivasa Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016Check on Map
Laptop StoreShop No 1& 2, KK krest, No 1-26/2 Gachibowli-Kondapur, Road, Gachibowli – Miyapur Rd, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032Check on Map


These are our picks for the best laptop under 5000 rupees in India. As mentioned multiple times, laptops under INR 5,000 come with risks and defects. In fact, INR 5,000 is likely to get you an average smartphone or tablet. If you come across a second-hand laptop offer that looks like a steal, do your due diligence. Talk to the seller, physically examine the laptop if possible, and deliberate on the repair or upgrade charges that await you. Finally, follow ShoppingGreedy to stay abreast of the latest deals and discounts!


Q1. Should I buy an old laptop under 5000?

Ans:- A low-priced laptop under 5000 rupees is not an excellent investment. It might work for a few months. But don’t hold any more expectations from a second hand laptop 5000.

Q2. What are some good models for the cheapest laptop under 5000?

Ans:- Buyers searching for 2nd hand laptops priced under 5000 may come across plenty of options. If you can get your hands on an HP second hand laptop under 5000, Lenovo second hand laptop under 5000, or an Acer gaming mini laptop under 5000, that should serve you well for less than a year.

Q3. Can I avail of a second hand laptop for under 5000 cash on delivery? Will I get warranty coverage on a small laptop priced under 5000?

Ans:- Yes, websites such as Amazon and sellers on OLX may accept cash on delivery for under 5000 best laptops. Don’t expect a guarantee or warranty period on a laptop low price 5000.

Q4. Where can I find a gaming mini laptop under 5000?

Ans:- Used electronics websites are your best bet for a gaming second hand laptop under 5000. It can be hard to find a second hand laptop under 5000 Amazon. Look for Acer, ASUS, or MSI if you need a second hand gaming laptop under 5000 no matter what.

Q5. Which laptop is best under 5000? Is an old laptop under 5000 a good purchase?

Ans:- There’s no best in the case of a low-price laptop under 5000. We don’t recommend a second hand laptop priced under 5000 for the long run because these tend to die down in a few months. If you are desperate to get a 5000 under laptop, do your due diligence at the earliest. Read this post for more information on laptops 2nd hand under 5000.

Q6. Where can I sell my notebook under 5000? What should my laptop low-price 5000 listing contain?

Ans:- If you want to sell your 2nd hand laptop price of under 5000, then consider websites like OLX. The description of a laptop second hand priced under 5000 should outline any defects, repair history, and estimated remaining life. Otherwise, under 5000 best laptop descriptions sound like a scam. All the best on the sale of your small laptop priced under 5000!

Q7. Any tips for someone considering an HP mini laptop under 5000?

Ans:- The ideal case would be to skip a laptop second hand price under 5000 and get a brand-new one. But if you can only go for an HP laptop second hand under 5000 at the moment, then ask the seller of the second hand laptop 5000 to divulge information on any defects, repair history, and estimated remaining life.

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