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March 19, 2024Big Basket Holi

Have you ever found it difficult to go grocery shopping because of time constraints? Does the grind of daily life make grocery trips troublesome? The Shopping Greedy team is aware that maintaining a home requires continual upkeep, with groceries being one of the necessities. Not anymore. Big Basket will save you from having to go out and buy groceries after a long, tiring day. Big Basket is an online grocery store that delivers all sorts of grocery items and essentials at your convenience. You can now indulge in grocery shopping from the comfort of your home. With the Big Basket Holi Offer 2024 in full swing, now is the perfect time to stock up on household items. Massive discounts and deals never seen before await you on Big Basket’s website. Read on to know more!

Big Basket Holi Sale Date

Before finalizing your shopping cart, it is important to know the details of the Big Basket Holi sale. For information on sale dates, offers, and the exact time when the Big Basket Holi offer goes live, this blog post is all you need. Let us first take a look at the Big Basket Holi Sale Date.

Big Basket Holi Sale DateCheck Dates
Big Basket Holi Sale Start DateTo be announced
Big Basket Holi Sale End Date
To be announced

Holi Offer in Big Basket – Categories with Best Deals

Nearly every online retailer offers deals around the time of the Holi festival, but Big Basket distinguishes itself from its competitors in a couple of ways. The Big Basket Holi Offer 2024 stands out because festivals are all about enjoying food without the trouble that goes into its preparation. Big Basket solves this problem through reduced prices and an enormous product catalog.

Big Basket is a dedicated platform for groceries and products necessary in day-to-day life that get delivered in no time. During this Big Basket Holi sale, get fantastic savings on groceries, candies and snacks, beverages, house cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, Holi colors, personal care items, and more. Make the most of this opportunity and seize everything at a profit. Here are some categories worth your attention when shopping for Holi Offer in Big Basket.

Big Basket Holi Offer on Groceries – Min 10% Off

Big Basket Holi Offer on GroceriesPrice OffersBuying link
Fruits & VegetablesUnder Rs. 50Buy Now
Foodgrains, Oil & MasalaGet 10%offBuy Now
Bakery, Cakes & DairyFlat 5%offBuy Now
BeveragesSave 15%offBuy Now
Eggs, Meat & FishUpto 5%offBuy Now

Planning to prepare ghujiya, thandai, or any other local dish? Is the list of ingredients needed for your favorite Holi delicacies ready? What are you holding out for? Big Basket Holi sale includes some crazy deals on a variety of grocery items while its Holi deal lasts. With Big Basket, you can place orders whenever you like and have them delivered at the time you specify. Forgetting grocery orders is now a thing of the past with the Big Basket Holi Offer on Groceries

Big Basket Holi Sweets and Snacks Offer

Big Basket Holi Sweets and Snacks Offer Price OffersBuying link
Chikki & GajjakSave 15%offBuy Now
Fresh SweetsFlat 5%offBuy Now
Tinned, Packed SweetsGet 10%offBuy Now

Sweets and snacks are a big part of the menu for any Indian household. Serving snacks and sweets to guests as a welcome gesture has been followed for years as a tradition. Big Basket is the best place to buy all of your snacks and sweets. From bhujiya and soanpapdi to healthy baked snacks, there is no dearth of snacks and sweets on the platform. Simply download Big Basket on your device, navigate to the snacks area, and you will see a variety of options. In the meantime, seize these listings on Big Basket Holi Sweets and Snacks Offer.

Big Basket Offer on Holi Beverages

Big Basket Offer on Holi Beverages Price OffersBuying link
Energy & Soft DrinksGet 5%offBuy Now
Fruit Juices & DrinksFlat 10%offBuy Now
Health Drink, SupplementSave 15%offBuy Now
TeaUpto 25%offBuy Now
CoffeeGet 15%offBuy Now

Meals and parties feel incomplete without a drink or two, right? Soda, coke, lassi, buttermilk, Fanta, and many other soft drinks & beverages are popular additions to gatherings. All we want while playing Holi is something to sip on and beverages satiate this desire. So, grab all of your favorite drinks for Holi during the Big Basket Holi sale and make this celebration memorable. Playing Holi becomes even more exciting with Big Basket Offer on Holi Beverages. Colors are not everything, right?

Big Basket Holi Personal Care Products Deals

Big Basket Holi Personal Care Products DealsPrice OffersBuying link
Hair CareFlat 10%offBuy Now
Oral CareGet 5%offBuy Now
Skin CareSave 15%offBuy Now
Health & MedicineUpto 25%offBuy Now
Baby Bath & HygieneGet 15%offBuy Now

The effects of playing Holi cannot be understated; a major worry is that the colors will leave our skin dry and lifeless. With various skincare products out there in the market, taking care of the skin is easier than ever. On that note, is your skincare cabinet up to date? Are those items capable of removing those dreaded color stains? The Big Basket Holi Personal Care Products Deals serve as the ideal opportunity to stock up on relevant creams, moisturizers, and balms. Significant discounts on the entire line of skincare and personal care items await you on Big Basket.

Big Basket Home Cleaning Holi Products

Big Basket Home Cleaning Holi ProductsPrice OffersBuying link
Floor & Other CleanersGet 15%offBuy Now
Disinfectant Spray & CleanersUpto 25%offBuy Now
Imported CleanersSave 15%offBuy Now
Kitchen, Glass & DrainFlat 10%offBuy Now
Metal, Furniture CleanerGet 5%offBuy Now

Playing with colors takes a toll on our surroundings as well. Stained walls, staircase, carpet, and whatnot. If you do not have the proper cleaning supplies and equipment, the stain on the walls and floors may take a while to go away. Watch your precious time go down the drain as you scrub through those blotches. If this fear engulfs you too, do not worry. Big Basket is loaded with all the tools and cleaning supplies needed to cleanse your residence and commercial spaces after playing Holi. Our favorite Big Basket Home Cleaning Holi Products for this year’s festivity are presented in this section.

Kitchen Appliances Big Basket Holi Deals

Kitchen Appliances Big Basket Holi DealsPrice OffersBuying link
Led Bulbs & BattensFlat 10%offBuy Now
Coffee Maker & KettlesUpto 25%offBuy Now
Grills & ToastersGet 25%offBuy Now
Juicer, Mixer & GrindersSave 25%offBuy Now
Battery & ElectricalGet 5%offBuy Now

In addition to offering groceries, everyday necessities, and a variety of personal products, Big Basket also sells kitchen supplies and appliances at fabulous rates. Kitchen essentials include, but are not limited to, tawa, frying pan, pressure cooker, cookware set, and kadai. Take advantage of the Kitchen Appliances Big Basket Holi Deals and revamp your kitchen at throwaway prices this Holi. 

Holi Special Products on Big Basket

Holi Special Products on Big BasketPrice DetailsBuying link
Rangila Holi Colours – Organic Gulal, Flamingo Pink, 100 gRs. 60
Rs. 55
Buy Now
Rewynd Special Mix – Masala Sing Chana, 150 gRs. 90
Rs. 60
Buy Now
Bagrrys Choco+ Variety Pack – Assorted Flavours, 24 g (Pack of 6)Rs. 90
Rs. 60
Buy Now
Heka Bites Roasted Jowar Puffs – Majestic Masala, Low Calorie & Healthy Snacks, 30 g PouchRs. 40
Rs. 38
Buy Now
Pulse Kachcha Aam Candy – With Tangy Twist, Hard-Boiled, 190 g Mono CartonRs. 60
Rs. 57
Buy Now

With the festival of colours around the corner, the Big Basket Holi sale entails some amazing deals on Holi-related products. Big Basket is home to herbal colors, water guns, balloons, sweets like ghujiya, munchies, eateries, and many other Holi decorations. If these items are not on your Holi celebration list, what are you waiting for? Prepare a checklist of Holi snacks, groceries, toys, sweets, and everything associated immediately! Big Basket will have them delivered to you before you know it. Save big on Holi Special Products on Big Basket and make this occasion memorable.

Gift Hampers from Big Basket

Gift Hampers from Big BasketPrice DetailsBuying link
Lindberg Love Notes – Assorted Centre Filled Chocolates, 155 g BoxRs. 499
Rs. 249
Buy Now
Happilo Dry Fruit Celebrations Gift Box – Venus, Premium, Healthy & Nutritious, Assorted, 200 gRs. 599
Rs. 539
Buy Now
Kimirica Nothing But Love Story Gardenia & Night Blooming Duo Potli Gift Set, 250 gRs. 649
Rs. 584
Buy Now
Happilo Dry Fruit Barfi Gift Box, 240 gRs. 425
Rs. 383
Buy Now
Open Secret Gift Box : Dryfruit Chocolate Nutty Cookies With Almonds, Cashew & Peanuts, 150 gRs. 425
Rs. 350
Buy Now

Showering treats and gifts on your family and friends has become a custom of sorts when it comes to Holi. Yet having to decide what to gift is annoying and time-consuming. Big Basket provides some incredible gift bundles that include sweets and other small presents. Buying these Gift Hampers from Big Basket will undoubtedly eliminate all of your gift-giving uncertainty and watch your family smile without breaking a sweat.


We have covered everything you need to be aware of regarding the Big Basket Holi Offer 2024. Big Basket is a reputable platform that consistently sticks to its promise of making grocery shopping easy-peasy. Leverage the platform to the fullest and have a blast on this year’s Holi!  If you enjoy shopping and want to leverage ongoing Holi deals and sales on other e-commerce websites, Shopping Greedy has you covered. Amazon, Flipkart…you name it and there is a blog post for it. And happy Holi!  

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