LG Diwali Offer 2023 | Up To INR 9000 Off On Home Appliances

March 29, 2024

The LG Diwali Offer 2023 is bound to steal the show, opening up a world of futuristic home appliances at astonishingly reasonable rates. Known for innovation, LG will delight you with the finest line-up of Ultra HD Smart TVs, hi-tech refrigerators, advanced washing machines and so much more. Experience premium technology like never before and enhance your living standards, making this auspicious occasion truly unforgettable. Dive into this ocean of mind-blowing options, upgrade your home, and uplift your festivities with the LG Diwali Offer 2023.

LG Diwali Offer 2023 Date

Gear up for an unforgettable Deepawali Mahotsav and have your shopping carts ready now that the LG Diwali Offer 2023 Date has been released. Curious to know more? LG offers a host of products such as home appliances and gadgets. Uniquely designed, these innovative products deliver cutting-edge performance and longevity. With LG, light up your space in a way like never before! Stay tuned for more.

LG Diwali Offer 2023 DateCheck Dates
LG Diwali Offer 2023 Start Date5 November 2023
LG Diwali Offer 2023 End Date12 November 2023

LG TV/Audio Diwali Sale

Ignite your home entertainment’s potential with the LG TV/Audio Diwali Sale. Surround yourself with unparalleled clarity and immersive sound that brings every frame to life. Choose from a curated selection of Ultra HD screens and state-of-the-art audio systems, crafted to elevate your viewing pleasure. Transform your space into a cinematic oasis with these LG offers.

Diwali Offer LG TV

LG TVBuying PriceBuying link
LG LED TV LQ63 32 (81.28cm)Rs. 18,489Buy Now
LG LM56 32 (81.28 cm) Smart TVRs. 13,490Buy Now
LG LED TV LR65 32 (81.28cm)Rs. 13,491Buy Now
LG QNED TV QNED80 75 (189cm)Rs. 31,999Buy Now
LG OLED evo C3 83 (210 cm)Rs. 17,499Buy Now

Step into a world of vibrant visuals with this compilation of Diwali Offer LG TV, where cutting-edge screens meet aesthetics. LG’s latest range, featuring OLED brilliance and AI-enhanced sound, is tailored for those who want to watch sports, movies, and other genres at the best resolution. 

LG TV Accessories Diwali Sale

LG TV AccessoriesBuying PriceBuying link
LG Smart CamRs. 3,990Buy Now
LG Magic Remote for Select 2023Rs. 2,600Buy Now
LG OLED Gallery StandRs. 2,000Buy Now
LG Magic Remote for Select 2022Rs. 2,999Buy Now
LG Magic Remote for Select 2019Rs. 3,999Buy Now

Why not complement your television with some mind-blowing add-ons? Check out the LG TV Accessories Diwali Sale Price reductions shown above. Get sleek soundbars to enhance your audio landscape or smart remotes that simplify navigation. Each accessory comes with a robust guarantee and supports various TV configurations. 

LG Audio Diwali Sale

LG AudioBuying PriceBuying link
LG SPK8-S 2.0 Channel, 140W, Sound Bar WirelessRs. 8,990Buy Now
LG SPQ8-S, 2.0 Channel, 140W, Wireless Rear SpeakersRs. 12,989Buy Now
LG LK72B Powerful Sound 40W, 2.1 Ch SpeakerRs. 6,990Buy Now
LG 2023 XBOOM XL7S Bluetooth Party SpeakerRs. 39,990Buy Now
LG OL45 220W RMS, for Karaoke – Karaoke Playback and RecordingRs. 21,990Buy Now

Crystal-clear sound is like music to one’s ears. Review the LG Audio Diwali Sale products presented here and revel in the satisfaction of this music. Light up your home with the latest LG soundbars & Bluetooth speakers and watch your family gatherings reach the next level in terms of bliss and jollity. 

LG Home Appliances Diwali Sale

Witness clean, efficient, and stylish living come to life during Deepawali 2023 through the LG Home Appliances Diwali Sale. A one-stop solution for your home’s needs, LG entails pioneering smart refrigerators, quiet, ultra-efficient washing machines, and other essentials. Get ready to transform your household chores into a breeze and move a step closer to becoming stress- and chore-free.

LG Refrigerator Diwali Offer

LG RefrigeratorBuying PriceBuying link
Knock Twice, See Inside, 635 Ltr InstaView Door-in-DoorRs. 16,999Buy Now
650 Ltr, Convertible Side by Side RefrigeratorRs. 11,899Buy Now
242 Ltr, 3 Star, Smart Inverter Compressor, DoorCoolingRs. 25,490Buy Now
LG 190L Single Door Refrigerator with SmartRs. 21,999Buy Now
Euphoria Finish, Single Door RefrigeratorRs. 16,990Buy Now

LG refrigerators come in various shapes and sizes that cater to all kinds of household requirements. Whether it is the remarkable Smart Inverter series or the stunning Instaview Door-in-Door, the LG Diwali Sale 2023 gives you the golden opportunity to redefine your food storage arrangement. Since the LG Refrigerator Diwali Offer is being chased by millions of Indians, you need to hurry and book your desired refrigerator immediately.

LG Washing Machine Deepavali Offer

LG Washing MachineBuying PriceBuying link
11.5Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 19,731Buy Now
9.5Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 17,851Buy Now
10.5Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 18,792Buy Now
10Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 17,490Buy Now
7.5Kg Semi Automatic Washing MachineRs. 13,490Buy Now

Witness the revolution in your laundry chores via the incredible LG Washing Machine Deepavali Offer. Featuring advanced technology like direct drive motors, allergy care functions, and impressive energy efficiency, these top-of-the-line washing machines will keep your electric bills at a minimum and last you for several years. Use these deals to get up to 40% discount on LG washing machines. 

LG Dryers Diwali Sale

LG DryersBuying PriceBuying link
LG 9/5 Kg, Front Load Washer Dryer with AI Direct DriveRs. 52,999Buy Now
9Kg Dryer with Dual Inverter Heat PumpRs. 66,990Buy Now
15/8Kg Front Load Washer-Dryer AI Direct DriveRs. 88,990Buy Now
9/5Kg Front Load Washer-Dryer, AI Direct DriveRs. 79,990Buy Now
9/5Kg Front Load Washer Dryer, AI Direct DriveRs. 58,490Buy Now

Get set to rejoice with the LG Dryers Diwali Sale. Complete your washing machine ensemble with a brand-new technologically advanced, energy-efficient dryer. All of these dryers support multiple settings that will save your clothes from shriveling and discoloration. It’s time to save big with the LG Diwali Sale 2023!  

LG Air Purifiers Diwali Sale

LG Air PurifiersBuying PriceBuying link
purification with 3 step filtration, PM 1.0 SensorRs. 25,999Buy Now
purification with 6 step filtration, PM 1.0 SensorRs. 98,080Buy Now
purification with 6 step filtration, PM 1.0 SensorRs. 59,930Buy Now

Breathe clean and fresh air as LG unveils its state-of-the-art air purifiers. Choose from plenty of options available during the LG Air Purifiers Diwali Sale and pick the model that goes well with your living room or bedroom. With the growing cases or respiratory ailments, it makes sense to get an air purifier immediately. After all, prevention is better than cure!

LG Water Purifiers Diwali Sale

LG Water PurifiersBuying PriceBuying link
8L RO+MB Water Purifier with Stainless Steel TankRs. 17,899Buy Now
8L RO+UV+MB Water Purifier with Stainless Steel TankRs. 24,499Buy Now
8L RO+UV+Mineral Booster Water Purifier, Steel TankRs. 22,899Buy Now
8L UF+UV+HMR Water Purifier with Steel TankRs. 15,998Buy Now
8L RO+UV+Mineral Booster Water Purifier, Steel TankRs. 21,498Buy Now

Ensure a constant supply of pure and healthy drinking water, thanks to the LG Water Purifiers Diwali Sale. Your perfect health companion comes loaded with revolutionary capabilities such as RO filtration and UV protection. All purifiers are backed by LG’s warranty. Hence, maintenance and breakdowns won’t be an issue at all. 

LG Dishwashers Diwali Offer

LG DishwashersBuying PriceBuying link
LG Dishwasher with Inverter Direct Drive TechnologyRs. 51,990Buy Now
LG 14 Place Settings DishwasherRs. 57,810Buy Now
LG 14 Place Settings Wi-Fi DishwasherRs. 51,999Buy Now
LG DFB424FW Free Standing 14 Place SettingsRs. 71,999Buy Now

Looking for an effortless and efficient way to keep your dishes sparkling clean? Consider LG’s Dishwashers. Available at a fraction of their original price through the LG Dishwashers Diwali Offer, these appliances can handle massive loads of dirty utensils. 

LG Vacuum Cleaners Diwali Offer

LG Vacuum CleanersBuying PriceBuying link
MK LITERs. 10,500Buy Now

Witness an absolute surge in your cleaning routine with the ‘LG Vacuum Cleaners Diwali Offer‘. Gift your home an LG vacuum cleaner, which combines stunning aesthetics with innovative features. Not a speck of dust will escape the LG vacuum cleaner’s suction power. 

LG Microwave Ovens Diwali Offer

LG Microwave OvensBuying PriceBuying link
LG 28L WiFi Enabled Charcoal Microwave OvenRs. 19,990Buy Now
LG 28 L All In One Microwave OvenRs. 19,289Buy Now
LG 32L WiFi Enabled Charcoal Microwave OvenRs. 33,399Buy Now
LG 28 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 13,690Buy Now
LG All In One Microwave OvenRs. 16,790Buy Now

Making meals and boiling vegetables are now a piece of cake through the LG Microwave Ovens Diwali Offer. LG’s sophisticated range of microwaves brings not only efficient heating but also various settings such as the healthy heart auto cook recipes and the “pasteurize milk with ghee” option. 

LG AC Diwali Offer

LG ACBuying PriceBuying link
3 Star (1.5), Split AC, Super Convertible 5-in-1Rs. 45,490Buy Now
3 Star (1.0), Split AC, Super Convertible 5-in-1Rs. 35,990Buy Now
3 Star (1.0), Split AC, AI Convertible 6-in-1Rs. 35,491Buy Now
4 Star (1.0), Split AC, AI Convertible 6-in-1Rs. 34,990Buy Now
5 Star (1.5), Split AC, Super Convertible 5-in-1Rs. 43,990Buy Now

To add cool comfort to your residence, check out the exclusive LG AC Diwali Offer online! Packed with futuristic components such as a dual inverter compressor, LG air conditioners promise unmatched cooling with the bonus of power saving. What’s more, the LG Diwali Sale 2023 will overwhelm you with choices. Select from various tonnages and pick the air conditioner that caters to your needs.

LG Diwali Sale on Window Air Conditioners

LG Window Air ConditionersBuying PriceBuying link
3 Star (1.5), DUAL Inverter Window AC, Convertible 4-in-1Rs. 65,990Buy Now
4 Star (2.0), DUAL Inverter Window AC, Convertible 4-in-1Rs. 85,990Buy Now
5 Star (1.5), DUAL Inverter Window AC, Convertible 4-in-1Rs. 70,990Buy Now
5 Star (1.0), DUAL Inverter Window AC, Convertible 4-in-1Rs. 56,990Buy Now

On the hunt for a powerful one, 1.5, or two-ton air conditioner? Check out these concessions on the LG Diwali Sale on Window Air Conditioners Price! You’ll be treated to an enticing variety of high-quality LG window ACs characterized by energy efficiency, speedy cooling, and cutting-edge air filters. And don’t forget to get additional reductions on some of the deals shown here when you pay with your credit card. 

LG Computing Device Diwali Sale

Anyone searching for some new gadgets must utilize the LG Computing Device Diwali Sale, where advanced tech meets compelling prices! Handpick from a curated selection of sleek, powerful monitors and ultra-responsive projectors. Every LG device presented is packed with features that simplify life – think enduring computer accessories and crystal-clear displays. 

LG Monitors Diwali Sale

LG MonitorsBuying OfferBuying link
Gaming MonitorsGet upto 20% OFFBuy Now
UltraWide MonitorsFlat 30% OFFBuy Now
4K & 5K MonitorsDiscount 40% OFFBuy Now
FHD & QHD MonitorsFlat 30% OFFBuy Now
Ergo MonitorsUpto 40% OFFBuy Now

Light up your workspace with the LG Monitors Diwali Sale. Explore an array of UltraWide screens perfect for both work and play. These monitors are designed to enhance productivity and gaming with unmatched clarity. 

LG Projectors Diwali Sale

LG ProjectorsBuying PriceBuying link
LG CineBeam PF510Q Smart Portable ProjectorRs. 80,000Buy Now
ProBeam 4K (3840×2160) Laser ProjectorRs. 49,900Buy Now
LG CineBeam HU915QE Premium 4K UHD Laser UST ProjectorRs. 59,000Buy Now
LG ProBeam Laser 4K with 5,000ANSIRs. 36,000Buy Now

Improve your home cinema setup through the LG Projectors Diwali Sale. Choose from a spectrum of models designed for cozy living rooms or expansive halls. All projectors come with the accessories needed to make the most out of them – carry bags, cleaning kits, etc. These projectors are not just gadgets; they’re gateways to mesmerizing visuals that turn every viewing into an event.  

LG Computer Accessories Diwali Sale

LG Computer AccessoriesBuying PriceBuying link
LG UltraGear™ Gaming PadRs. 23,000Buy Now
LG gram Wireless MouseRs. 1,975Buy Now

Maximize your computing machine’s performance with the LG Computer Accessories Diwali Sale. From ergonomic monitors that ease long work hours to crystal-clear speakers that enhance your audio experience, the inventory is massive and has something for all kinds of budget constraints.

LG Windows 11 Diwali Sale

LG Windows 11Buying PriceBuying link
LG gram 14 (35.56cm) Laptop 16:10 IPS with 13th GenRs. 16,800Buy Now
LG gram 2in1 Ultra-Lightweight with 16 (40.64cm)Rs. 16,999Buy Now
LG gram Ultra-Lightweight with 14 (35.56CM)Rs. 13,098Buy Now
LG UltraPC 16(40.64cm) Lightweight with 16:10Rs. 99,740Buy Now

Rejoice in the joyous occasion of Diwali with LG’s unique catalog of laptops. Be a part of the thrilling LG Windows 11 Diwali Sale, a compelling digital shopping affair filled with captivating computing devices consisting of the latest Windows operating system. Share these offers with your friends and family members; everyone stands to benefit from the LG Diwali Sale 2023


The LG Diwali Offer 2023 is your gateway to advanced technology without putting a strain on your wallet. Get your hands on innovative, durable, and renowned LG products that are the hallmark of quality. By bringing LG into your home, you’re inviting in excellence, performance, and peace of mind. So, step ahead, seize this splendid opportunity, and add new colors to your Diwali celebration! That said, go through the ShoppingGreedy website for other Diwali schemes and end-of-the-year flash sales.

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