Flipkart Diwali Offer Mobile | Mega Sale On 35 Trending Phones

April 4, 2024Flipkart Diwali Offer Mobile

Sparkle your Diwali with Flipkart’s exclusive mobile offerings! The Flipkart Diwali Sale 2023 is host to a unique range of smartphones with features that’ll leave you mesmerized – high-definition cameras, long-lasting batteries, and lightning-speed processors are a few of them. This post on Flipkart Diwali Offer Mobile by ShoppingGreedy will help you identify the best deals on various smartphones such as Apple, OPPO, Samsung, and OnePlus. It’s time to redefine your tech experience with a brand-new smartphone!

Flipkart Diwali Sale iPhone

iPhone Diwali Sale on Flipkartoffer PriceBuying link
Apple iPhone 12Rs. 54,900
Rs. 46,999
Buy Now
Apple iPhone 13Rs. 59,900
Rs. 51,999
Buy Now
Apple iPhone 14Rs. 69,900
Rs. 61,999
Buy Now
Apple iPhone 14 PlusRs. 79,900
Rs. 71,999
Buy Now
Apple iPhone 15Rs. 85,900
Rs. 79,900
Buy Now

Make your Diwali brighter with Flipkart with a sizzling Apple iPhone. The smartphone needs no introduction and is loved by millions across the globe. However, iPhones don’t retail for cheap.  But with the Flipkart Diwali Sale iPhone collection, purchasing an iPhone won’t dent your wallet. These iPhones are packed with capabilities such as A15 Bionic chip, Pro camera system, and more. Experience the seamless performance, top-notch security, and immersive entertainment. 

Flipkart Mi Mobile Diwali Offer

Mi Mobile Diwali Offer on Flipkartoffer PriceBuying link
Redmi 12Rs. 14,999
Rs. 9,499
Buy Now
Redmi Note 12 Pro 5GRs. 31,999
Rs. 23,999
Buy Now
Redmi 12CRs. 14,999
Rs. 8,147
Buy Now
Redmi 11 PrimeRs. 16,999
Rs. 10,249
Buy Now
Redmi Note 12 Pro 5GRs. 32,999
Rs. 25,999
Buy Now

Discover the charm of technology with the Flipkart Mi Mobile Diwali Offer! Invest in Mi smartphones that boast robust operating systems, tons of applications, stellar cameras, and large screens to begin with. A perfect companion for your digital journey, these devices are a fusion of style and substance. 

Samsung Mobile Diwali Offer Flipkart

Samsung Mobile Diwali Offer on Flipkartoffer PriceBuying link
Samsung Galaxy F14 5GRs. 18,490
Rs. 12,490
Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy F34 5GRs. 24,499
Rs. 16,499
Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy F54 5GRs. 35,999
Rs. 25,999
Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy F04Rs. 11,499
Rs. 6,499
Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy F13Rs. 14,999
Rs. 9,199
Buy Now

Light up your Diwali with the Samsung Mobile Diwali Offer Flipkart! You cannot go wrong with a Samsung smartphone. Exclusive features like a Super AMOLED display and Samsung’s reliability make these phones stellar, to say the least. Enhance your festive moments with the Samsung Phone Diwali Offer Flipkart; save a minimum of 3000 rupees on Samsung devices with the deals shown here.

OPPO Mobile Diwali Offer in Flipkart

Dive into the festive spirit with the OPPO Mobile Diwali Offer in Flipkart! Witness an array of OPPO smartphones, each consisting of the latest advancements in phone tech and backed by sleek designs. Flipkart Diwali Offer Smartphones brings you an opportunity to upgrade your productivity and entertainment quotient. So, why wait? Transform your festivities with OPPO!

OPPO Mobile Diwali Offer Flipkart 4GB RAM

OPPO Mobile Diwali Offer on Flipkart 4GB RAMoffer PriceBuying link
Oppo A17Rs. 14,999
Rs. 11,499
Buy Now
Oppo A18Rs. 14,999
Rs. 9,999
Buy Now
Oppo A38Rs. 16,999
Rs. 12,999
Buy Now
Oppo A77Rs. 19,999
Rs. 15,999
Buy Now
Oppo A55Rs. 18,999
Rs. 14,499
Buy Now

Illuminate your Diwali with the captivating OPPO Mobile Diwali Offer Flipkart 4GB RAM. Experience flawless performance that comes with smartphones backed by 4GB RAM, dedicated gaming chipsets, up to 1TB of extra storage, and dynamic computing engine. These OPPO offers are exclusively tailored for buyers like you, who want to shop smart and save big.

OnePlus Mobile Diwali Offer Flipkart

Are you planning to buy OnePlus Nord anytime soon? Diwali is knocking on the door, and so is the OnePlus Mobile Diwali Offer Flipkart! Leverage these discounts to equip yourself with a OnePlus smartphone. Cutting-edge technology, crystal-clear visuals, and swift multitasking abilities ensure that OnePlus is always on the list of the best smartphones. If someone in your family is a fan of OnePlus, do share this Flipkart Diwali Offer Smartphones post with them. They will thank you!

OnePlus Diwali Offer Flipkart 6 128GB

OnePlus Diwali Offer on Flipkart 6 128GBoffer PriceBuying link
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5GRs. 19,999
Rs. 17,317
Buy Now
OnePlus Nord CE 2 5GRs. 23,999
Rs. 23,990
Buy Now
OnePlus 6TRs. 37,999
Rs. 30,999
Buy Now
OnePlus 8Rs. 41,999
Rs. 33,990
Buy Now
OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5GRs. 19,999
Rs. 19,921
Buy Now

Step into the festival of lights with the OnePlus Diwali offer Flipkart 6 128GB! The OnePlus 6 is powered by 128GB storage, a 6+ inch screen, pre-applied screen protector, USB Type-C compatibility, and a 20MP camera. It is your gateway to endless entertainment! Use this assortment of OnePlus 6 deals by ShoppingGreedy and gift yourself a magnificent phone.

Diwali Offer on Motorola Phone Flipkart

Diwali Offer on Motorola Phone Flipkartoffer PriceBuying link
Motorola Edge 40Rs. 34,999
Rs. 26,999
Buy Now
Motorola g54 5GRs. 17,999
Rs. 13,999
Buy Now
Motorola g84 5GRs. 22,999
Rs. 18,999
Buy Now
Motorola Edge 40 NeoRs. 29,999
Rs. 24,999
Buy Now
Motorola Edge 30 FusionRs. 49,999
Rs. 34,999
Buy Now

Check out the Diwali Offer on Motorola Phone Flipkart today, a gift for tech lovers! If game changer had a name, it would be Motorola. The latest phones from the company are built for adventure seekers and fashionistas. With support for 5G and WiFi 6 connectivity, a curvy pattern that gives a rock-solid grip, dual-sim, up to 256GB ROM, ThinkShield security, and whatnot, there are multiple reasons to justify a Motorola purchase. Experience seamless multitasking and gaming through Motorola’s innovation!

Flipkart Diwali Sale on Nokia Phone

Experience an enchanting Diwali with Flipkart Diwali Sale on Nokia phone! Be awed by the camera features on Nokia phones, making your Diwali moments timeless. Stay ahead of time with budget-friendly Nokia smartphones. We are rooting for the C Series, which is powered by the Android OS, has numerous call features, a battery capacity of 5000mAh, and even more.

Flipkart Diwali Sale on Nokia phone 4GB RAM

Flipkart Diwali Sale on Nokia phone 4GB RAMoffer PriceBuying link
Nokia C31Rs. 10,999
Rs. 8,990
Buy Now
Nokia C22Rs. 8,999
Rs. 7,999
Buy Now
Nokia G11 PlusRs. 13,999
Rs. 9,499
Buy Now
Nokia C32Rs. 10,999
Rs. 8,949
Buy Now
Nokia C12 ProRs. 9,199
Rs. 7,899
Buy Now

Discover the joy of swift multitasking with the Flipkart Diwali Sale on Nokia phone 4GB RAM. This powerhouse device, famed for its reliability, is an excellent Diwali gifting option. Think about complementing your sweets with an affordable Nokia smartphone, backed by 4GB RAM. 


Embrace the future of smartphones with Flipkart Diwali Offers Mobile . Why Flipkart Diwali Sale 2023? A world of innovation in the form of smartphones! That too without overspending. Experience superior performance, stunning visuals, and seamless multitasking with our compilation of deals in this post. This Diwali, let technology light up your celebrations. Happy shopping!

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